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So what is smart?

The interesting thing about artificial, so called, intelligence is that machines like computers and what we call robots are best at the things that are associated with smartness, like being able to do mathematical calculations in seconds that would take centuries using paper and pencil, or playing chess at grand master levels.  What computers and their smart robotic cousins are very bad at are the things that any idiot is capable of, like being able to walk from one place to another without falling over,  having a conversation, or carrying out instructions that are not pre-programmed somewhat inflexible commands. There is not one robot out there of any size or complexity that can match the multiple capabilities and complex behavior of an ant with its brain about the size of a grain of sand. Which has me wondering, if machines can do the things that smart people can do better than smart people, but can't do the simple things that stupid people can do better than stupid people..