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How to make your Hummer cool.

Coolness is undefinable, it's one of those, 'If you have to ask, I can't explain it.' things. Hint, A brand new new Lamorghini Gallardo  is totally uncool, but a pristine four door Chevette  is ultra cool.  One thing that most of us can agree on is that the now (mercifully) defunct General Motors built Hummers (not the original AMG versions) are seriously coolness impaired.  But there is coolness redemption for Hummers.   Check this out.   This has to be the coolest thing anyone could ever do with a Hummer.   Even cooler than this.

The true difference between Canada and the USA

Fully 54% of my 11 site visitors readership is from the USA, so it is time for the left wing redneck to explain the difference between the USA and Canada.  The redneck knows that most USians know little about what goes on up here (and could care less), but this will be offset by Canadians loving to read self serving comparisons between themselves and their southern neighbors. It is little understood that Canada is (and always was) conservative and the USA is (and always was) liberal.   I am sure that my southern neighbors will be as surprised to hear this as my fellow country persons, but it is true.  The redneck has heard the vicious anti-Canuckian commentary by  'conservatives' Ann Coulter and fellow travellers that  liberal  Canadians,  i.e. socialists, kowtow to a nanny government which has taken away their guns and forces them to stand in line for medical treatment. All true.   Except that political commentators have cunningly redefined the meaning of conservative a