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Say you wanna have a revolution?

Surfing the web the other day, the Redneck Stumbled upon  an anarchist marxist   blog site that was actually readable, as in literate, enjoyable, and lacking the uh, earnest turgidity, that usually characterises these sites.   The Redneck has always had a soft spot for anarchists, marxists, and their relations.   The Redneck was a young man in the late 60's and early 70's when many of his peers were marching, protesting, and occupying the President's office of every institute of higher learning.  It was a fun time to be young.  Did the Redneck participate?  Sort of, but hampered by crippling commitment phobia, the Redneck never joined the Hippies, Yippies, Students for a Democratic Society, Communist Party, Black Panthers, Feminists (not being black or feminine was also a factor) or any of the other radical outfits of the day.  One of the Redneck's friends was a communist, he also coveted bourgeois sports cars, but this was not a problem for him ideologically, as th

The three kinds of stupid

Statistically one out of every two people is stupid (ie in the dumber 50th percentile), and even those that occupy the smarter half of the population will  find that still others are smarter* and so on.  So stupidity is ordinal, and relative, like velocity it depends on the viewpoint of the observer.   Regardless of point of view, stupid people can be broadly classified as one of three types, Type One, Type Two and Type Three. Type One Stupid people are your regular stupid people.  They know and we know they are stupid.   Found everywhere, usually in the way, doing stupid things such as buying 20 bucks worth of lottery tickets and scratch and wins daily, cruising along at five under in the fast lane while yakking on their cell phone,  those big box store employees that can't tell you where anything is, the ones who  get their 15 minutes of fame 30 seconds at a time guest starring on COPS...  In other words they are you and me.  Type Ones, like most of us, are not evil, but t

How to stop anthropogenic climate change

There is growing consensus that human activity is causing climate change.  I remain skeptical, but having said that, it cannot be denied that human activity does impact the environment and the more humans the greater the impact.  Regardless of where people stand regarding the environment,  surely at some point everyone must agree that turning the world into a Walmart store or a parking lot for a Walmart store has to stop somewhere. So what do we do about it?  We could stop making babies. This is already happening as people realize that a kid costs as much as a Ferrari, and  a growing percentage of the population would rather have a Ferrari than a kid.  That is all well and good, but the population boffins are predicting that the effects of the coming unbaby boom will not be seen until 2050.  I am leaning to adopting a more proactive approach, therefore, as a public service, I am making a list of all the people we don't need anymore. Such as; People who do long and compli