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Great Expectations

There was a time, before  nanny government inserted their big feet into unfettered free enterprise, when it was possible to derive commercial benefit from your children, as opposed to paying through the nose for their care and maintenance.  A mere 150 or so years ago you could have sold your six year old to a chimney sweep, one of a class of tradesman always on the lookout for small and agile assistants.   Charles Dickens made an excellent living describing the various ways minor children could be turned to useful employment, but now in the so called free world, the labor market has been severely restricted from capitalizing on the unique capabilities of children. There still remain some opportunities,  Mr and Mrs. Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges were able kickstart young Jeff's career at a mere four months of age, but clearly, there was an element of nepotism involved, what can a parent do if they are not themselves a movie star?  In Canada, the canny parent seeking to recoup some o


thanks wikimedia! When I was twelve or so, I used to hang with a group of neighborhood kids, we would play Cowboys and Indians in the local woods, and when we got tired, we would sit around and ask each other stuff, like 'if I see a color as blue, how do I know that you see it as blue? I mean like, if you saw blue as red, but your mom and everybody told you that color you saw was blue, but you saw it as red, you would say red was blue!'.   One of us, I forget who, proposed that for all he knew, we were all in one of his dreams, and that when he woke up we would all be gone,  I think he got that from a Twilight Zone episode. We all knew this could not be true, unless of course, we were the dreamer.  Ethics received attention whenever we were playing baseball on the vacant lot two doors down, these discussions were often resolved with someone taking their ball and bat home. We wondered why we were here and what was the point of it all.  Then somebody shared their Dad's P