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Cops and Robbers

The whole Trayvon Martin Zimmerman thing ends with not guilty for George Z, but IMO it was the state of Florida that should of been put on trial for criminal negligence re their goofy gun law.  If Tray and George had met anywhere else than the new old south the result would have been a fat lip or a black eye for one or both of these idiots.  I wasn't there, nor did I follow the trial, where it is the job of opposing lawyers to present anything but the truth, to obfuscate the whole truth etc. etc., but I do remember being 17 as well as 28 despite being into my sixties now. When we were 'youth', we were bad and we knew it, and in case we forgot, were constantly reminded of it.  We grew our hair and wore strange clothes, we had our own music that only we liked. That it pissed our elders off was a bonus.  Nobody wanted us hanging around.  We had our own culture and sub cultures.  The high school had two major gangs, the greasers, who smoked, wore leather coats called &