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The deadly gas stove

  A recent tempest in a tea pot was about gas stoves and their potential hazards to health and environment.  The usual suspects have climbed on their soapboxes, the loony left demanding the sale of gas stoves be banned, and the right wing-nuts proclaiming that the right to buy a gas stove is right up there with assault rifles. After an exhaustive five minute internet search, I have discovered that gas stoves may result in a statistically higher incidence in childhood asthma, may leak methane when turned off, and may release nitrogen oxides when they are used. Burning natural gas has also been blamed for the release of toxic chemicals, such as benzene. So cooking over open flames might be dangerous, who knew?  Digging a bit deeper it turns out that the source of leaked gas inside homes was due to leaks in gas lines.  So plumbing might also be dangerous, or perhaps the plumbers are dangerous.  I wonder what the ban the gas snowflakes will do when they find out that electricity is also da

Artificial Intelligence revisited

  People who write for a living are all excited about ChatGTP, that generates an intelligently written response or explanation on almost any subject. I gotta admit, it's amazing. ChatGTP has a huge knowledge base and provides a well worded response to almost any question.   On the other hand, reports are coming in that some i phones  are sending false emergency calls for accidents that never happened at amusement parks and ski hills because the phones were programmed to automaticially detect accidents based on their motion detectors.  Go for a roller coaster ride, fall off your snow board, put your phone in the glove box and hit a few potholes, and your phone calls 911 on you.   The latest 'feature' included with almost any household appliance is  the ability to connect to a smart phone.  You might wonder why your phone needs to speak to your refrigerator.  You now have the ability to turn off your bathroom light in your Oshkosh home while you are in a business meeting in H