Culture is universal.  It was once believed that culture was something that only the refined classes and foreigners had, but  that isn't true any more if it ever was.  Everyone has culture, even yogurt.

Take for example, opera and WWE pro wrestling.  The similarity is obvious.
For those who aren't sure what to wear when attending a WWE event or an opera, it is less important than it used to be, but still critical is choice of headgear, 

and transportation;
Art and artists are always vital to culture.  Unfortunately, for an artist to be recognized as great, it is necessary for to lead tortured lives and die in poverty, or at the very least, live the majority of their lives in obscurity, privation and rejection before they can be recognized as great.   Artists whose work enables them  to support themselves in comfort will pay the penalty of being dismissed as trivial after they are dead. 

Famous Artists' self portraits.
Match the painting to the artist.
(  ) Never sold a thing, went insane, cut off his ear, mailed it to his girl friend and committed suicide.  Today any one of his paintings are worth more than the GDP of Brazil.
(  ) Sold most of his work for magazines covers, lived a comfortable life in a nice house in the country.  Today his original work is worth about a nice house in the country.

Visual art gives the artist the opportunity to reveal a unique vision as opposed to mere representations of reality.  The following two examples of early 20th century  paintings from different schools illustrate this trend and remain popular choices for print reproductions for art lovers.

Music is an important element of culture.  

Every generation has to be able to make their own music - which they adopt during their adolescence and keep throughout their lives.  An important consideration for any age cohort making their choice in music styles is the ability of the music to annoy their parents and   torture their future kids when they reach the their teenage years.   See the video for an illustration of this principle.


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