Rednecknomics: Dirty Money

I am sure you are all familiar with the following example of why we need money.
"If you have an ounce of weed, and you want a bottle of whiskey, without currency you have to find someone who not only has a bottle of whiskey, but also wants an ounce of weed and will agree to the trade." blah blah blah.... (with partial thanks to

I have come to the conclusion that money is really time and dirt or,  T+D=$.  You plant some weed seeds in dirt.  You add time to cultivate and watch over the crop while it grew, and more time to harvest it.   The bottle of whiskey has a similar provenance, someone or several someones grew the ingredients (dirt+time), processed them (time), made bottles (dirt+time). etc. etc..  Everything started as some combination of time and dirt.  Maybe more of one than the other,  digital porn is mostly time,  a cubic yard of  uncut diamonds is mostly dirt.  Most of us are engaged in some form of investing time and dirt into things that other people are willing to trade their time and dirt for, using some form of currency.  

So there you have it, your money, my money, all money is dirty.


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