Why vegans are idiots

Vegans are vegans because they say it is cruel to eat animals but OK to eat plants.

Of all the forms of life on earth, only plants and their prokaryote cousins (lookitup) have the ability to capture energy from the environment, such as sunlight, and convert it into food. Not only that, but plants are also the primary means of carbon capture, yes all plants are busily removing deadly global warming prime suspect CO2 from the atmosphere. All the other lifeforms, including the cute little cows, sheep, piggies, rabbits etc., that Vegans don't want to eat are parasites, too lazy to create their own food, instead they just munch up the hard working members of the vegetable kingdom, not to mention polluting the atmosphere with CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

Now where is the justice in that?  If somebody broke into your fridge and scarfed all your food, you would call the cops.  But this is exactly what the herbivorous species are doing to plants, not to mention all those Vegans.

So all you Vegans out there, consider this.  Every time someone eats a big mac it is payback time for all the hardworking plants as another plant killer, CO2 spewing, methane farting herbivore is removed from the planet.


  1. Vegans are idiots PERIOD.
    Humans are not herbivores, they are omnivores.
    Let the vegans eat vegs, then we'll fucking eat the fucking pansies!


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