gun control ~ or not

As a Canucklehead, the left wing redneck is often  bemused and  amused by his southern cousins.    Walt Wawra, a Kalamazoo cop holidaying in Calgary Alberta, complained about feeling threatened during an encounter with local youths. Due to Canada's repressive gun laws, Walt was unarmed, so he was forced to end the confrontation peaceably instead of inviting the punks to make his day, or querying them if they felt lucky.  Shortly thereafter came the Dark Knight shoot em up in Colorado, followed by the attempted ethnic cleansing of the Sikh temple by a lone gunman in Wisconsin.

So I am thinking, this cop on a holiday in Canada doesn't feel safe without a gun in his pocket, but after Walt is back home, everywhere is getting shot up by crazies with guns.  WTF!! Why didn't the Colorado nut job go down in a hail of return fire from the Batman audience? Where were the off duty policemen with their off duty guns, where was the citizenry exercising the constitutional 'right of the people to keep and bear arms'?  The Wisconsin white power guy was shot down, but by an on duty cop, no different than what the Mounties do when a hostile suspect attacks a member of the law enforcement brother(and sister)hood.

So for my USian friends, the left wing redneck has a solution for you;

All public places in the US, churches, temples, theatres, high schools, college campuses with water towers, etc. etc. should be required to have a minimum number of emergency assault weapons in accessible locations.  No one would feel insecure as they would always be within a few yards of a deadly weapon.  I am sure Walt would pleased.   Write your congressmen and women today.

As for Canada, as Walt pointed out in his letter, only cops and criminals are allowed to have guns here, so ordinary Canadians will continue to settle their differences the old fashioned way, by hitting people over the head with hockey sticks.  We are OK with that.   We opted out of the tea party when first invited in 1777, and we declined the other invitations as well, but thanks for asking.


  1. Thanks for a real solution to ease this 'shoot em up' life style
    ..It's not living the old fashion way...


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