How to stop anthropogenic climate change

There is growing consensus that human activity is causing climate change.  I remain skeptical, but having said that, it cannot be denied that human activity does impact the environment and the more humans the greater the impact.  Regardless of where people stand regarding the environment,  surely at some point everyone must agree that turning the world into a Walmart store or a parking lot for a Walmart store has to stop somewhere.

So what do we do about it?  We could stop making babies. This is already happening as people realize that a kid costs as much as a Ferrari, and  a growing percentage of the population would rather have a Ferrari than a kid.  That is all well and good, but the population boffins are predicting that the effects of the coming unbaby boom will not be seen until 2050.  I am leaning to adopting a more proactive approach, therefore, as a public service, I am making a list of all the people we don't need anymore. Such as;
  1. People who do long and complicated lottery and scratch and win transactions at the convenience store when there are like, ten people waiting in line.
  2. Drivers who maintain the exact speed limit in the fast lane.
  3. Milquetoasts who believe that a Harley Davidson™ motorcycle with loud exhausts automatically makes them a tough guy.
  4. Golfers
  5. People who make reality TV shows
  6. Reality TV show contestants
  7. People who enjoy watching reality TV shows.
As for creative solutions for 'right sizing' the population, I propose
  1. A new international lottery, everyone wins! Prizes must be collected in person, free transportation will be provided to lottery headquarters located in either McMurdo Sound, or perhaps Mare Serenitatis.
  2. All licensed vehicles required to be fitted with working RPGs.
  3. All 'loud pipes saves lives' types be required to display either a Hells Angel™ patch, or if they prefer, an equally prominent patch that says "Hells Angels are Pussies!"
  4. Golf courses will be required to have quicksand traps, bear traps, waterspout/whirlpool/tsunami hazards in addition to the traditional hazards.
  5. The reality TV thing could be dealt with by removing all ethical and legal restrictions or constraints on  reality show genres, and then requiring all creators and watchers to be contestants as well.


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