left wing redneck tries punditry

In a post last April the redneck ranted about  explained why political opinion polls may no longer be accurate.  Based strictly on my opinion, totally unbiased by research, data or methodology (known to be susceptible to errors and misinterpretation)  I am predicting the the polls are going to be spectacularly wrong in predicting the outcome of the November 2012 US presidential election.... like way more than a percent or three.

For a combination of reasons, pollsters are no longer getting a representative sample of the population, mainly the growing number of people who no longer have a 'landline' phone, combined with privacy laws, call display and annoying telemarketers destroying telephoning for accurate information gathering.

Lessee how prophetic this is, it is Sunday morning, November 4th, the Wall Street Journal is calling it a dead heat.

Before the telephone pollsters used to go door to door.  That might be a problem today for so many reasons, at least one of which is nobody is home because they are stuck in a traffic jam somewhere.  So free of charge, I offer a solution to this particular problem.


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