Why electric cars are stupid

So you wanna know why electric cars are stupid?  Because all cars are stupid.  Electric cars will never be 'green'.  Being green is about not wasting resources and reducing impacts.  So how efficient is using a ton and half or more metal, plastic, exotic compounds made from rare elements, rain forest rubber etc. to move a few hundred pounds of flesh from here to there?

Every time  a few tons get shoved around,   a few tons of energy are burned to make it go and a few more yet to make it stop.  Newton explained this in the 17th Century.  Was nobody paying attention?  It matters little where the energy comes from, sunshine, dead dinos, nuclear fusion, energy costs, the more you use the more it costs.

Alternate energy vehicles will not stop urban sprawl or traffic jams.  One hundred years ago, the Model T, the first car built for everyman, meant freedom to go places.   But it turned out that the price of  mobile freedom was a new form of slavery.  We have paved a good part of our world because our cars need a smooth surface to drive on and to stand on.  We turned our farms, pastures, forests, beaches and wilderness into strip malls and suburbs so we can live and shop somewhere that used to be nice, while spending hours each day in gridlock on our way to punch whatever clock we must, so that we can pay for suburbatopia and the energy for the cars we need to live there.  

Is it time to  take a step back for a big collective WTF?


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