Redneck on civics part II, living tax free

If you hate taxes you will love this guy.

Death and taxes,  the only two sure things in life.  Is this really true?  I will let you know on the death part later, but is it possible to run a country without taxation?  Zero income tax, sales tax,  property tax?  Well as it turns out, the answer is yes indeedy, one country has managed to pull off this magnificent accomplishment, tax free since 1974.  The people's utopia of North Korea.  Next question.

Perversely, that the DPRK has no taxes may be the best illustration of why taxation is a good thing.  There are a handful of other countries that do not have to rely so much on taxes for revenue, such as some of the  oil rich nations, or the countries  that get their revenue for providing international loopholes for banking, gambling, corporate registration, flags of convenience and such.  The thing  most of these countries have in common besides low taxes is low democracy.   People may be apathetic about their leadership, but seldom about their money.  Just ask Patrick Henry.

There are also countries that have taxation, but nobody pays it,  you can't get blood from turnips, or taxes from citizens with no money.

So if you really want to live tax free, there are options, Bermuda, Switzerland, and Monaco are nice if you are not claustrophobic and you have a billion or so in the bank.  Want to live a pure  life in accordance with the teaching of the Prophet? Say no more.   Economy class tax havens may be found in Bolivia or Paraguay,  adventure lovers can experience genuine anarchy, African style, in  their choice of locations, BYOG.  And, of course, you could emigrate to North Korea.


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