The great Canadian Niqab crisis

Well the leaves are falling, but signs are springing, another election, Yay!  Alberta Conservatives got their well deserved comeuppance a few months ago, and now it is time for the Federal version to walk the plank.

So what's the major issue that will determine the outcome of this election?  Based on the latest media reporting, it appears that what will determine the election won't be the economy, or how Canada will stop global warming, but what ladies are going to be allowed to wear on their heads.

Hmmm.  The Left Wing Red Neck has managed to make it through life more or less safely by following a few simple rules for survival, one of which is telling ladies what they should or should not wear is a really bad idea.

Following an exhaustive 15 minute google session, the Red Neck has determined that the apparent objection to head covering is focused on ladies of the Islamic persuasion.  It seems that Islamic ladies are being forced to cover their heads by their men, which goes against everything Canadians believe in (men telling women what to do).   The Red Neck has no idea what goes on in Muslim homes, but the Red Neck remembers who told who to go to church and what should be worn when, and it wasn't dear old dad. The Red Neck strongly suspects that life in a Muslim family is not much different.   Oh there are no doubt brave, but foolhardy Muslim men who are willing to sacrifice a life of tranquility and ease by micromanaging their ladies' apparel, but probably not many.  

Anyroad, in order to assist Islamic ladies in choosing costumes and head wear that may be less offensive to Fearful Leader Stephen Harper's  'majority of Canadians', the Red Neck suggests that they can get fashion tips from these Walmart shoppers.....


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