Global Warming Update

Your correspondent has a personal interest in the subject of global warming, or climate change, if you prefer.  The Redneck has been following the climate change debate with great interest for over 20 years.  The consensus in 2019 appears to be that each of the opposing sides, the  Alarmists and the Deniers,  are lying.  The Redneck only wants an answer, for how much longer does he have to put up with this white shit that keeps falling out of the sky, not to mention sub zero temperatures, C or F, take your pick.

The Redneck will avoid taking sides in the great global warming debate as he has not studied climate the way Al Gore (A.B. Harvard, former Vice President) or Leonardo DiCaprio (GED and two (2!!) Golden Globes)  or all those guys with PhDs in Meteorology Physics and other stuff that requires you are able to do mathematics who are telling us that NASA and IPCC data has been tweeked, or to put it their way, shamelessly faked, obviously these fellas are just shilling for big oil.   

A mere 13 days from official Spring the Redneck is still shoveling snow.  And is wondering what's the problem with Global Warming?  Redneck is fed up with Winter and would be pleased, make that deliriously pleased, if it just went away.



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